I never vent through a public forum as I believe that it can turn into quite a nasty exercise. I rarely verbally sprout my inner thoughts as I do not want to be judged.
BUT…I have returned from my morning walk where I have been able to capture my thoughts and fears concerning my life, I have been able to assess and face the day through the serenity and beauty presented by Mother Nature-with a ‘sour-taste’ in my mouth after being ‘dismissed’ rudely after doing a ‘good deed’.
On this freezing brisk walk we diverted from our regular walk home, and walked in search of ‘the illusive coffee’ that will reward our poor old bodies for rousing from our warm beds and wandering around the streets of our hometown.
As we were walking along the footpath, watching the various ‘workers’ entering our town to begin their day, some diverting in through the drive-thru coffee dispensary, others mindlessly obeying the road rules, others facing their dread as another working-day is beginning, the scent of coffee and the promise of warmth kept us going forward.
I heard a strange sound as three cars drove past. I looked as I thought that maybe one of the cars had a flat tyre. There laying on the road was a wallet, open and being run-over by another set of wheels.
I stepped from the safety of the footpath and entered the fray. Dodging impending doom and retrieved the wallet. As I bent to pick it up, a smiling face peered up at me from a Drivers License peeking out from the sleeve. I also gathered the broken pieces of Bankcards, Library cards, loyalty cards which all announce someone’s’ existence and slid them into the back pockets.
We continued to walk, checking through the wallet for a phone number or a sign of where the lost person worked. We decided to head into the Police Station on our way back and hand it into the authorities and let them return the lost item.
We walked up to the café which had promised to supply the reviving elixir, only to be disappointed with the ‘CLOSED” sign still in place, the lights still turned off, darkness emanating through the windows. Oh well we will walk down the street towards the Police Station instead.
But hark…there is a soft glow spilling onto the footpath in front of us, rising from this mornings fog to entice us through to warmth and soul restoring liquid. We push open the door, warmth enveloping us, coffee scents permeating from steaming cups.
“Good morning Ladies. Time for a coffee?” a chirpy vegan, natural poppet asks.
“A long black please and a 90 degree latte please”
“Extra hot” pips my walking partner.
Coffees dispensed, perched on the wooden chairs we noticed a loyalty card for the very establishment we were being revived in.
“Excuse me do you know this guy by any chance?”
“Yes. B– comes in here all the time. He actually works just across the road there. He must have dropped it as he was running across this morning”
Great (insert a smiling face), we can return his wallet to him, relieve his worried mind, stop his frantic phone calls and cease the cancellation of lost cards.
As we crossed the road, entered the place of work, tripped over the step and were greeted by a smiling, bright guy, we enquired if B__ was at work today?
“Yes. I will grab him from his office for you”
By now feeling that we have done a great job in returning the missing wallet, brought peace and serenity to a worried mind, a smile spreading across our faces, out barreled the owner of the wallet.
Taking from my outstretched hand, He opens the wallet and starts to go through the sleeves.
“Hang on. Some of my cards are missing!”
“No they are not.” I replied. “Everything is there, maybe not in the same places, but they are a bit mangled from the road”
Then, without a look, smile or acknowledgement, we were dismissed as he spun on his heel and marched off to his office.
Oh. Umm. Wow.
A smiling face with a jovial voice enquired “Did B__ give you a reward?”
Certainly not what we were seeking, but we were seeking acknowledgement, a ‘thank you’, even just a smile in return from the owner.
“Nope…scum” I replied.
“I did get to trip over your stair though” I replied as a looked at the retreating figure stomping off towards his office, the air of being dismissed hanging thickly in the air.
Now. We certainly were not looking for anything but a polite, grateful acknowledgement of returning a lost wallet. Has our world become so insignificant, insincere, ungrateful and dismissive when a gesture is given?
Honestly how can we educate the next generation of social niceties if we cannot start by being grateful for the little things that we personally encounter?